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Our roofing professionals have a lot to say when it comes to commercial roofing systems! We’re always excited to share what we’ve learned with you, whether we’re using our commercial roofing blog to illustrate projects we’ve completed, industry news, or tell inspirational stories about team members and customers.

Take what you discover here and start social media conversations, spread the word about the Great Roof Giveaway, or use our wisdom to extend the life of your commercial roof. Enjoy!

High Steel Roof blow off

Understanding Roof Blow-Offs: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction In the realm of commercial and specialty roofing, understanding the phenomenon of roof blow-offs is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roofing system. This guide aims to shed light on what roof blow-offs are, their common…
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Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

The Importance of Having A Functioning Roof For Your Business Here are some reasons why it’s important to maintain a functioning roof: What Can Happen If Leaky Roofs And Water Damage Are Not Treated Right Away? Emergency Roofing FAQs How…
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snow on a flat roof

Why Does a Flat Commercial Roof Leak When It Snows, But Not When It Rains?

Understanding the Unique Challenge of Snow on Flat Roofs The Weight FactorSnow accumulation, particularly wet snow, exerts significant weight on a flat roof. Unlike rain that runs off, snow can build up and stress the roofing structure. This pressure can…
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Roof Safety

Mastering the Heights: The Ultimate Safety Guide for Your Commercial Building’s Roof

Ensure the safety of your commercial building's roof with this guide for building owners. Learn why safety is important and OSHA regulations to follow.
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NRCA’s Preventive Maintenance Tips: Prolonging the Life of Commercial Roofs

Dive into the importance of preventive maintenance for commercial roofs. Drawing on data from the National Roofing Contractors Association, this blog post explores the significant costs of neglecting roof care, the benefits of regular maintenance, and provides practical guidelines for…
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Snow on the Walmart Roof

How to Safely Remove Snow From a Commercial Roof

Safely Remove Snow from a Commercial Roof During the winter, knowing how to safely remove snow from a commercial roof can save you from possible roof damage or collapse.  Learn the warning signs for when it’s time for roof snow…
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Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Winter is around the corner and with it comes some brutal conditions.  These extreme conditions can cause a lot of damage to many different areas of the roof, especially if the roof has not been properly maintained and prepped.  If…
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4 Tips for a Successful Historical Restoration Project

Historic restoration is defined as the process of accurately depicting the form, features and character of a property as it appeared at a particular time. On a roofing project that means installing a type of material that was available and…
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Worker outside performing roof maintenance from the ground

Seasonal Change Prompts Routine Roof Maintenance

The seasonal transition from summer to fall indicates changing weather conditions, shorter days, and should also prompt the winterizing and routine maintenance checks of buildings. And, since the roof is the first line of defense against the elements of any…
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black roof on a commercial building

Understanding Cost vs. Value in Roofing

Whether you’re buying a car or buying a roof, there’s no question it’s a big investment. Everyone’s buying process is different. If you’re like most people, you get a couple of quotes, compare totals and make a decision. While this…
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Thanks Lenny,

The roof repair looks fantastic. Your guys did an excellent job!

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