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Commercial Roof Replacement that Outperforms the Rest

Many complexities come along with commercial roof replacement, including keeping the building dry and managing fumes, dust, and noise.

Keeping your building and its contents—as well as employees, visitors, residents, and passersby—safe should be of paramount importance to your commercial roofing contractor. We understand these potential complications and will help you make the best roofing decision for your needs and budget.

Commercial roof replacement in Eastern PA, NJ, DE, & MD

GSM Roofing: Your Guide to Commercial Roof Replacement Done Right

The experienced commercial roofing team at GSM Roofing will not only replace your commercial roof, but we will also guide you through the entire process—from selecting a replacement roof material to setting up a commercial roof maintenance plan to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Long after your commercial roof replacement, we will work to repair and prevent leaks that may shorten its life. You can count on this roof replacement being your last in many cases.

We are a Versatile Commercial Roof Replacement Contractor

Our crews are experts in roofing installations, including but not limited to the following commercial roofing systems.

Commercial single-ply roofs

Single-Ply Roofs

Single-Ply Roofs replacements come with heat-welded or glued seams, black or white membrane, mechanically attached or adhered, and other options including EPDM, PVC, and TPO—each of which has benefits and drawbacks, dependent upon your commercial application.

Commercial green roofs

Green Roofs

Green Roofs decrease heating/cooling costs, increase energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. Varieties include cooling roofs, advanced insulations, vegetative roofs, solar (photovoltaic) roofs, rainwater harvesting, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and daylighting designs.

Shingled roofs for businesses

Shingled Roofs

Shingled Roofs perform best when installed by a commercial roofing contractor with decades of experience in the highly variable nature of the materials and the correct installation of each type of shingle. We will supply high-quality shingles that deliver great value and install them with the utmost workmanship.

Built-up commercial roofing systems

Built-Up Roofing Systems

Built-Up Roofing Systems are one of the most common commercial roofing solutions for low-slope roofs, and we have been conducting these types of commercial roof replacements since 1946. We will help you choose the best application process: cold-applied or hot-mopped, smooth-coated or gravel-surfaced, and modified or traditional bitumen.

Commercial tile roofing services

Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs can be beautiful, durable, and reliable if installed correctly by a commercial roofing contractor with decades of experience working with various sizes, colors, and shapes of tiles. When replacing your commercial roof with tile, you can count on fire and water resistance, longevity, durability, enduring economy, etc.

Commercial slate roofing services

Slate Roofs

Slate Roofs aren’t just something we’re qualified to do—we do it so well that we’ve helped write the National Slate Association’s updated slate installation manual. We bring this expertise to every commercial slate roof replacement for historical buildings or for modern facilities where a historical look is desired.

Commercial cedar roofing services

Cedar Roofs

Cedar Roofs are in high demand, and so are commercial roof replacement contractors with the experience and know-how to replace them correctly. We’ve got commercial cedar roof replacement in the bag for plywood with a cedar breather or traditional lathe, and we’ll be sure to properly install metal ridge caps, flashings, and valleys.

Commercial metal roofing services

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs come in pre-manufactured and custom varieties—both of which we can utilize in commercial roof replacement applications. Custom metal roofing includes projects like zinc panels and standing-seam copper. Pre-manufactured metal roofs are also very versatile, offered in color and style choices you can use to make your building stand out or blend in.

Commercial roof replacements in Eastern PA, NJ, DE, & MD

A Great Commercial Roof Replacement Starts with the Right Roofer

You might be asking, “What type of roof is best for my commercial roof replacement?” An even better question might be, “Which commercial roofing contractor should I choose?”

You see, when you choose a roofing contractor that’s been in business since 1946, has all the manufacturer affiliations and certifications that we do, and that always welcomes the dirty, dangerous, and difficult, then you won’t have to worry about the type of roof you’ll choose. We will guide you every step of the way so that you can make the best decision for your building.

Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your commercial roof replacement.

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