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Unmatched Customer Service and Support from a Commercial Roofer

When you think of commercial roofing services, your mind might not immediately turn to great customer service. Nevertheless, at GSM Roofing, we’re on a mission to change that.

From your very first interaction with us, we will employ our eight decades of experience in commercial and specialty roofing to ask all the right questions, keep you informed, and accompany you along every step of the commercial roofing process. Get in touch to experience the difference incredible customer support can make.

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WOW! Love that, I've never had a vendor be so proactive!!

Vanessa Simerson Landlord Property Maintenance Coordinator June 28, 2022

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Customer Satisfaction is Why We’ve Been in Business for Nearly 80 Years

What makes a good roofing contractor great? Is it a job done on time? Or a roof maintained without leaks? How about a job site that’s left clean and free from debris? Or strict adherence to safety standards?

All of that is necessary to be a good commercial roofing contractor, but to be an outstanding commercial roofing contractor, you have to be committed to interacting with customers and delivering an extraordinary customer service experience.

We Pick up the Phone

From the very first time you contact GSM Roofing, you’ll take notice of our interest in your project. We’ll answer all your questions and explain the entire process to you, from start to finish—or we’ll keep it short if that’s your preference. No matter how you like to work, we’ll start by picking up the phone when you call or quickly responding to your online inquiries.

Personalized Service

We are a family-owned and operated local business. Our roots run deep in our Lancaster-County hometown community and in the MD, NJ, and DE areas we serve. From our humble beginnings in 1946 our founder learned that relationships matter—and that the best way to build long-lasting relationships is to deliver customer service that exceeds expectations.

Long-Term Relationships

We don’t want to repair your roof and never see you again. Instead, we want to be the one company you call every time you need a repair. And we want to be the roofing company that regularly comes to maintain your roof—to extend its life, keep your building dry, and save you money. We’ll do all that with unparalleled customer service, so you’ll never want to call anyone else.

Concern for Your Safety

Few people associate safety with customer service, but at GSM Roofing, we know that your employees and visitors mean the world to you. And because they do, they mean the world to us, too. We keep our employees safe with mandatory drug testing (pre-employment and random), safety training, and periodic safety checks. These precautions keep your people out of harm’s way.

Transparency at Every Stage

As your commercial roofing or specialty roofing job progresses, you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark. We’ll deliver regular progress updates, be available to answer all your questions, show up when we say we’re going to, and stand by the quality of our work. Quotes will be clear and easy to understand, we’ll inform you of progress, and you’ll know how we’re spending your money.

Our Exceptional People Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

From the first time you contact GSM Roofing, you’ll get a sense for our extensive industry experience. Then, you’ll notice our natural problem-solving abilities and how we’re up for any challenge, no matter how dirty, dangerous, or difficult it is. And finally, as the job progresses, you’ll see just how accountable, honest, and trustworthy we are.

These are the things that, when we deliver them consistently, will make you feel comfortable with our services and want to refer us to others. We know that, and that’s why excellent customer service is at the heart of all we do. Get in touch with us today to experience it for yourself.

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WOW! Love that, I've never had a vendor be so proactive!!

Vanessa Simerson Landlord Property Maintenance Coordinator June 28, 2022