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Building Envelope Products for Climate-Controlled Comfort

When we talk about building envelope products, we’re talking about all the elements of your commercial structure that keep the outside out and the inside in. Your building’s roof, walls, foundation, and access points are all parts of your building envelope system and contribute to its energy efficiency.

When barrier systems are not weather-resistive, you will have higher energy costs and lower interior comfort levels. At GSM Roofing, we have a selection of building envelope products that go beyond basic roofing—and we’re ready to talk about how they can benefit you.

GSM Roofing’s Building Envelope Products

Your building’s envelope is everything you might imagine. It’s comprised of everything that keeps the elements out and heating and cooling in. Here are some ways we contribute to your overall building envelope design.

Exterior Metal Wall Panels

If you’re looking for a building exterior that stands out from the rest with exceptional performance, an exterior metal wall panel from GSM Roofing might be the answer.

There are so many options! Our team has decades of experience with insulated, composite, and custom panels for your building’s exterior surface. We’ll work closely with you to help you select a color, texture, and design that ensures you meet building code and that the building materials used perfectly suit your needs.

Would you like to add an extra level of protection while establishing a unique, visual identity for your commercial building? Let GSM Roofing help you find the best way to use exterior metal wall panels to do exactly that!

Commercial exterior metal wall panel installation
Skylights and Sun Tube installation

Skylights and Sun Tubes

The sun is the most effective, affordable way to light your building. It’s also a simple and natural way to energize your employees’ work environment. With ever-rising energy prices and a focus on reducing carbon footprints, more companies invest in daylighting by installing roof skylights and sun tubes as parts of their building envelope systems.

This shining solution can deliver significant energy savings, but only if installed by an experienced commercial roofing contractor. If you’re interested in installing prismatic skylights (which provide even more considerable savings), standard skylights, domes, sun tubes, or any other type of apparatus that optimizes the sun’s organic power, get in touch with us for an assessment and quote.

Roof Waterproofing

A large part of an effective building envelope system is its level of water tightness. Water can be the greatest of all enemies, whether below grade or above.

Poor roof workmanship will wreak havoc on membranes over time, allowing water in to destroy structures all along the freeze/thaw cycle. Ensure that your roof is waterproof, and you won’t have to worry about the destructive nature of water.

Our skilled team of roofers understands the intricacies of today’s roof waterproofing systems, including energy-saving roof coatings, modified bitumen, single-ply roofing, bentonite, and self-adhered roofing. We are ready to discuss the roof waterproofing solution that perfectly matches your needs while keeping your building dry.

commercial roof waterproofing services
Custom metal fabrication for commercial roofs

Custom Metal Fabrication

As part of our building envelope conversation, we must mention custom metal fabrication, for creating custom touches that make your building unique. Add a higher level of craftsmanship to your roof with a shining cupola, a bay-window roof that pops, or any other custom designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed feature.

Our partnership with our sister company, GSM Industrial, gives you unlimited access to all the possibilities of custom metal fabrication. Let’s discuss construction, the pros and cons of different types of metal, and functionality—to create extra touches that will give your building a personality that matches your business.

Building Envelope Products are Smart, Energy-Saving Investments

When expertly recommended and installed, building envelope products can save energy and money and provide commercial building owners and property managers peace of mind.

At GSM Roofing, we’re passionate about handling all your roofing needs with the highest quality, safest products —and delivering it all with top-shelf service. For nearly eight decades, that’s been the only way we do business, and it’s why we’re the leading commercial and specialty roofing contractor in the region.

Our building envelope products allow us to bring bigger, better protection to your structure. We have you and your building covered from design and production to installation and maintenance!

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A big thanks to the GSM team, the guys were a big help at our test roof installation yesterday.

Michael Stieh Sr Staff Engineer June 28, 2022