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Commercial Roof Preventive Maintenance Saves Money and Worry

Roof repairs are no laughing matter. And depending on the degree of repairs, they can get in the way of your business operations and productivity. So how do you avoid potential headaches? By connecting with GSM Roofing for commercial roof preventive maintenance.

We will extend the life of your roofing assets with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. We’ll also help keep your operation up and running while controlling capital expenses—so you can budget for the future. We’ll use our extensive knowledge surrounding all types of roofs to put together a commercial roof maintenance program just for you.

The Importance of Roofing Preventive Maintenance

It’s natural to only think about calling a roofing contractor after your roof starts to leak. Your roof is out of sight and out of mind, up there silently doing its job, asking nothing of you—until it starts to dump water on your business’s assets.

And the truth?
Once one leak appears, others are usually right behind it.

The best way to avoid surprise roof leaks is to invest in regular maintenance for your commercial roof. A maintained roof will last longer, and you’ll also be far less likely to experience surprise leaks that interrupt your operations, damage your building and its contents, and cause unnecessary headaches.

We can manage the maintenance services offered by GSM Roofing with our service plan, so you’ll never again have to wonder if today will be the day that your roof leaks. In fact, you’ll never even have to think about maintenance. Your roof can still be out of sight and mind, but you can feel assured, knowing we are looking after it.

How a Maintained Roof Saves You Money

If you’re feeling reluctant to start a commercial roof maintenance program, we understand. It can feel like one more expense that your business doesn’t need. However, it’s essential to know how an affordable, predictable, regular investment today can help you avoid an unexpected catastrophic expense later.

Regular maintenance for your commercial roof will save money by helping you to:

  • Extend the Life of Your Roof So You Can Put Off Roof Replacement
  • Repair Active Leaks Before They Can Damage Structures and Assets
  • Identify Potential Areas Where Leaks May Occur for Lower Repair Costs
  • Keep Costs Under Control by Being Proactive with Inspections

Are you ready to lower overall expenses and have more control over your budget with roofing preventive maintenance? Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss it!

What Commercial Roof Preventive Maintenance Looks Like

Now that you understand the importance of having a maintained roof—for safety and savings—it’s time to glimpse into what we do during a regular maintenance call.

  • Inspect All Roof Levels
  • Remove Roof Debris
  • Inspect Roof Drains
  • Inspect Drainage Components
  • Inspect Ancillary Rooftop Items
  • Prepare a Conditions Report
  • Submit Cost Proposals for Repairs

In some cases, our professional roofers will go up onto the roof for the inspection. In other cases, they will use drone technology to inspect the roof and take photos. Either way, you can expect full documentation and an explanation of everything they find.

Ongoing roof maintenance will result in long-term savings by extending your roof system’s life cycle. We are happy to offer our Exceptional Roof Protection Plan.

Learn More about the benefits of our GSM Exceptional Roof Protection Plan.

Fall and Winter Roof Maintenance Services

Fall and winter weather can wreak havoc on a roof. But you can be prepared with maintenance services by GSM Roofing.

The best time to check for potential roof problems is before the leaves pile up and the freeze-thaw of the winter months sets in. GSM Roofing offers a standard roof inspection along with our Fall & Winter Roof Preparation service. It’s a safe, affordable alternative to doing the work yourself.

When visiting your site, we ensure every OSHA standard and roofing manufacturer detail is followed. We also use a comprehensive checklist for our commercial roof preventive maintenance inspection. We even include a free roof snow removal evaluation with our service.

Ready to talk about fall and winter preparation? We’re prepared to put you on our schedule, along with other customers who have chosen to extend the lives of their roofs, maintain the safety of their structure, and save money on repairs and replacement.

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So far, I am very pleased with the work you guys are providing and how the work is getting done. Please keep up the good work. Shane has been great to work with.

Ben Hegge Sr Site Project Engineer June 28, 2022