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Pre-Manufactured and Custom Metal Roofing: Attractive and Versatile

When your commercial building could benefit from some added personality, custom metal roofing might be just the thing to help it stand out and get noticed. Or, if your structure needs a great look at a great price, a pre-manufactured metal roof is a solid choice.

Whether you’re leaning toward a pre-manufactured or custom-built metal roof, turn to the experts at GSM Roofing. We have the know-how, the experience, and the craftsmanship to install all types of metal roofs.

Pre-Manufactured Metal Roofs Deliver Beauty at a Bargain

A pre-manufactured metal roof is a great way to get all the benefits of a metal roof without a hefty price tag. Whether you want the look of metal for an entire roof or just a mansard, a pre-manufactured metal roof will deliver.

Choose from a wide selection of colors, standing-seam or structural styles, in panels that can be cut to fit any size roof.

The advantages that come with prefabricated metal roofing are plentiful, and include:

  • Lower material cost than custom metal roofing
  • Less time to install than other roof types
  • Lightweight panels make transport easy
  • Lower overall labor costs

Not sure if pre-manufactured metal roofing is right for your church, school, office complex, or other commercial building? Get in touch with the metal roof experts at GSM Industrial, and we’ll review all options with you.

Custom Metal Roofing Makes Your Building Exceptional

When you want your commercial building to make a lasting impression on everyone who sees it, look into custom metal roofing. GSM Roofing installs all types of metal roofs, but custom-built metal roofs are at the heart of our business.

We have decades of experience installing custom-built metal roofs to your exacting standards that deliver exceptional functionality and beauty. Custom metal roofs allow our master craftsmen to apply their skills and creativity in inspiring ways—to deliver works of art to our valued customers.

We have installed a hand-seamed, standing-seam copper dome on a church, a flat-seamed porch roof on our customer’s corporate headquarters, zinc panels on a barrel roof, and many more unique projects.

Think custom metal roofing might be just the thing to make your commercial or industrial building one-of-a-kind? Get in touch with our roofing team today!

Custom commercial metal roofing

We’re Here to Help You Choose a Metal Roof

What color should your new metal roof be? Will it be structural or standing seam? Pre-manufactured or custom metal roofing?

You might have answers to these questions already, and you’re looking for the best roofing contractor to make it happen. Or you might need assistance in making these decisions.

At GSM Roofing, we know that you are the ultimate decision-maker in everything that has to do with your commercial building. We are also committed to being there for you every step, from design to preventive maintenance and repair services.

Reach out to us to discuss our service area, our different types of commercial roofing, all the specialty roofing options we offer, and even building envelope products. Our estimators, designers, and customer service personnel are ready to help!

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