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Wall, Lobby, and Roof Pictures to Help You Imagine the Possibilities

The facility at GSM Roofing in Ephrata, PA, is home to creative designs that keep our visitors interested and coming back to see what’s new. You might expect roof pictures and roof design images, but you were not expecting to see how we use roofing construction to beautify our office.

Enjoy browsing through our roof gallery that’s much more than roofs, including aerial views and roofing construction used in the most creative ways!

Our Inspiration Gallery

8mm Rheinzink staggered horizontal panels

The Lobby

The curved wall that greets visitors features 8mm Rheinzink staggered horizontal panels that were fabricated in our shop.

Inspired by a job we did on the George Mason University Astronomy Observatory in Fairfax, VA. We used the vertical seam design to create a spiraling effect. Our lobby columns feature .040 aluminum in oil-rubbed bronze finish which resembles the siding and soffit panels we often use.

George Mason University Astronomy Observatory Vertical Seam Project
 24-gauge copper single-lock panel fabrication for lobby

The Lobby Cloud

The lobby cloud is made of 24-gauge copper. Each single-lock panel was fabricated by GSM. in Gladwyne, PA - 2010 Gold Circle Award for Innovative Solutions in New Construction

This design was inspired by our work on the in Gladwyne, PA, which was awarded the 2010 Gold Circle Award for Innovative Solutions in New Construction.

Copper Plus® 24-gauge panels for GSM Roofing Awards Display

The Awards Display

Our awards display is crafted from Copper Plus® 24-gauge panels.

Spanish tile dome restoration for First Lutheran Church in Carlisle, PA

The Spanish tile design was inspired by the meticulous dome restoration work we did at First Lutheran Church in Carlisle, PA. It features 650 copper tiles handcrafted by GSM before careful installation.

Upside-down standing seam metal roof for conference room

The Conference Room

Our conference room features an upside-down standing seam metal roof.

Kynar Finish new roofing construction - 16-inch wide Una-Clad 24 gauge steel snap-lock panel with Kynar finish

It was inspired by a 16-inch wide Una-Clad 24 gauge steel snap-lock panel with Kynar finish new roofing construction job we did for Lancaster, PA-based RLPS Architects.

Slate Roof design and installation

Slate Walls

One of our specialties is slate roof design and installation.

Slate roof for Bryn Mawr College’s Radnor Hall.

As shown in our work at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, PA. We’ve mastered this craft so well that the National Slate Association asked GSM to help write the new manual on designing and installing slate roofs.

GSM Roofings' Green Roof System in Ephrata, PA

Our Green Roof

Our building’s jewel is the 7,000 sq. ft. Green Roof with vegetative garden (adorned with 13,000 sedums and flowering perennials), walkway, outdoor seating with grilling area, and custom-made rain barrels. Multiple prismatic skylights balance the building’s electrical pull with natural lighting. Besides the environmental benefits, a rooftop like ours increases usable square footage and adds a tremendous employee benefit.

Our green roof received the 2013 RoofPoint Excellence in Design Award for Excellence in Water Management – for inspiration in vegetative roofing, water harvesting and roof safety solutions!

Inspired by Our Customers and Better than Roof Pictures

Anyone can publish aerial-view roof pictures. But we think it says a lot about your chosen roofing contractor’s eye for the interesting when they can use a variety of roofing materials in unexpected ways. That’s precisely what we’ve done at our facility, and we trust that you’ll look to us and our project profiles for inspiration for your upcoming roofing job.

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I do not check the work. But I can say that the two men answered my question with courtesy. They assured me that the roof is in good order. And your company responded to the work order on short notice as coordination with plumber's installation was key. My association with your company has always been more than satisfactory.

Ann Liarakos June 28, 2022