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Old Becomes New with Historic Roof Restoration

Choosing the right roofing company for your historic roof restoration project can seem daunting because you must work with the most experienced, reputable commercial roofing partner.

Suppose a restoration project is in your historic structure’s future. In that case, GSM Roofing can expertly install a new roof to match the original roof, or perform delicate, intricate repairs for many types of historical roofs.

We Care About Your Historic Building

Our skilled craftsmen have experience working with materials often used in historic roof restoration projects. This range includes roofing systems such as slate, tile, metal roofs, cedar, and more.

Having worked on many large restoration projects, we fully understand that roof installation can be a complex process, particularly when preserving a precious building is at stake. We need to deliver high-performing, long-lasting roofing, but we also need to protect the building while we work.

At GSM Roofing, we never take these responsibilities lightly. We know how vital your historic building is to you and the community. Get in touch with us today! We want to hear all about your building’s history and how we can help take it into the future.

The Roof Restoration Process for Historic Buildings

Whether a leak is detected, or you’d like to know the condition of your historic roof, get in touch with GSM Roofing, and we’ll send an experienced roofing professional out to assess your roof’s condition.

Whenever possible, we will prescribe repairs before historic roof replacement. If, however, the only course of action is to replace your roof, we will walk you through all your options. You may choose to replace it with the same material on the roof now. You may also wish to modernize the building or make it more authentic with a different type of roofing material.

After you decide on a roofing material, we will schedule your historic roof restoration. Next, you can expect us to arrive on time, deal with you and any other contractors with complete professionalism, finish the job on time and within budget, and do it all with strict attention to safety standards.

Then, with help from our preventive maintenance program, you can enjoy your new, leak-free roof for many years to come.

Preventive Maintenance for Your Historic Roof

Before discussing historic roof restoration and replacement, we must mention preventative maintenance. The sooner you begin a maintenance regimen, the better your chances of extending your roof’s life.

You will directly contribute to its long life when you allow our roofing professionals to examine your historic roof, document any findings, and repair minor problems before they become significant.

Trust Your Historic Roof to the Historic Roof Restoration Specialists

Historic buildings are loved by their inhabitants, patrons, and the surrounding community. The roof on your historic building is its first line of defense against the elements, keeping out the wind and rain that can be detrimental to its overall condition.

That’s a lot of responsibility, but we are ready to take it on—like we are every dirty, dangerous, and difficult roofing job.

Let us combine our extensive knowledge of historic roofing materials with our love for unique projects and attention to detail. And let us put it all to work in your historic roof restoration. Give us a call today!

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