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Roof Safety Solutions, for Ongoing Compliance and Everyone’s Safety

There’s nothing more important than keeping your work crew safe. At GSM Roofing, we feel the same way about our team, and our safety record proves it. That’s precisely why we offer a variety of roof safety solutions that prevent roof-related falls, injuries, and deaths.

Long after your commercial roof is installed, you’ll want to ensure that anyone who goes up onto the roof is protected. Our full line of roof safety products will help you to meet all OSHA fall protection requirements.

Preventing Accidents at all Times

custom stair tower that is customer fabricated by GSM Industrial

No building owner wants to get the call that there has been an accident. A fall from your roof is terrible enough, but the OSHA fines and subsequent litigation will compound the problem. The best way to prevent this is to stop accidents before they happen.

Our skilled team will work with you to design, manufacture, and install roof safety systems like warning lines and guardrail systems that help prevent the most common types of roof accidents. Whether there’s roof work in progress, HVAC technicians are making repairs, or your own maintenance crew is up there, you can rest assured that you’ve done everything you can to make it as safe as possible for them.

Get in touch with us today to talk about our high-quality, OSHA-compliant products. We’ll even update you on OSHA’s latest roofing regulations!

Roof Hatches

To keep your roof secure and employees safe, GSM Roofing offers rooftop safety solutions. We can retrofit a fall protection system onto your existing roof hatch, without any roof deck penetration and without affecting your roof’s warranty. You’ll have instant OSHA roof safety compliance—and peace of mind.

Roof Hatch Rails

Most workers keep roof hatches open while on the roof, unaware they violate OSHA roof safety standards. Installing Roof Hatch Safety Rails delivers protection and instant OSHA compliance. The four-sided rail system features ergonomic handgrip side rails, a self-closing gate with no-pinch hinges, and ladder extension rails that hold steady in case of a slip.

Skylight Cages

Unprotected skylights are an extremely dangerous hazard to rooftop crews. Most are not designed to withstand the weight of a falling worker, which is why OSHA regulations state you must cover a skylight with a screen or surround it with a railing. If you’re looking for skylight fall protection, GSM Roofing can help.

Our team can design and install non-penetrating, OSHA-compliant roof skylight cages customized to fit skylights of almost any shape and size. They’re easily installed and do not interfere with the performance of the skylight.

Skylight Screen
Roof Safety Railing


Improper fall protection is considered a top workplace hazard. The good news is that GSM Roofing offers solutions like roof safety railings that will minimize fall hazards and create a safer work environment for your employees or contractors working on the roof.

Our team can design and fabricate roof safety railings that are non-penetrating, OSHA-compliant, and easy to install. Railings can be customized to match any color or material finish you may need. And the best part? Your new railing system might prevent a tragic accident before it happens.

Access Ladders

Having a safe, secure way for your employees to access your building’s rooftop is very important. You want them to get to and from the location with minimal risk quickly. We work with our sister company, GSM Industrial, to help make it happen with quality, custom-built roof access ladders, and platforms.

Their expert team will design, fabricate, and install an access ladder to meet your specifications. They can accommodate virtually any size or configuration, and the finished product will meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards.

Custom-built roof access ladder
Warning line installation system around commercial roof perimeter

Warning Lines

Keep your crew alert to dangerous fall hazards by installing a warning line system around your roof’s perimeter, hatch, or skylight. GSM Roofing can help you select the best type of system for your building’s roof, then design and install it quickly.

Permanent Anchors

Permanent anchors provide rooftop crews with a safe, secure place to tie off when fall arrest systems are required. They reduce the risk of a severe fall and bring peace of mind to the workers who use them.

GSM Roofing can properly install permanent anchors to your building’s roof while maintaining your roof warranty.

Permanent anchors for buildings rooftop
ACME Walk Path Safety on Commercial Building

Walk Path Safety

GSM Roofing champions rooftop safety with slip-resistant walk pads, ensuring safe access pathways for technicians and safeguarding the roof’s integrity. These pads reduce the risk of slips and extend the roof’s lifespan by preventing damage. Our approach integrates protection for both technicians and the roofing structure, reflecting our commitment as a trusted commercial roofing contractor.

You Don’t Have to Know What Roof Safety Solutions You Need

Not sure which roof safety implements you’ll need to comply with OSHA roof safety regulations? No problem! At GSM Roofing, roof safety is one of our specialties. We will take a look at your roof, point out any non-compliant areas, and then provide a quote to bring it into compliance with your insurance company and government agencies.

Don’t wait another day to make your roof as safe and compliant as possible. Get in touch so we can discuss the roof safety solutions that will help you rest easy.

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