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With Tile Roof Construction, Your Building Will Stand Out From the Crowd

Tile roof construction isn’t just for Spanish-inspired structures. Today’s varieties of tile shapes, colors, and sizes are extraordinary and offer our customers a great way to give their buildings long-lasting, uniquely styled aesthetics.

We have designed and installed a wide range of tile roof structures—from clay tile roofs to concrete tile roofs—and we will use our experience to construct the highest quality, most beautiful roof for your commercial building.

The Beauty and Versatility of Tile Roof Construction

If you want a roof for your building that will turn heads, a tile roofing system will do just that. They are beautiful, but they’re also durable, with a lifespan of 50-100 years.

The number of tile shapes available is astonishing and includes interlocking, fluted, curved, shingle, shake, tapered, graduated, flat, and imported styles. And let’s talk about color! Monochromatic is traditional, but you can create unforgettable roofing patterns with a bit of imagination.

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Traditional Terracotta, Clay, and Concrete Tiles

People have been using terracotta to make pottery for 9,000 years, and you can trace evidence of its history as a building material back to China 12,000 years ago. Terracotta clay tile roof structures are most common in Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the Southwestern United States. It’s known as a vernacular building material—or easily sourced from the clay soil found in those areas.

Concrete roof tiles that are dyed to look like clay tiles are more common choices in the 21st Century. They offer a lower-cost alternative to terracotta or clay tile roofs while still delivering the distinctive look and century-long life expectancy you’re looking for in this type of roof.

Why Choose Tile Roof Construction?

There are several reasons why you might choose a tile roof structure. They are common in areas where there’s a lot of salt in the air, like by the seashore, and in climates that experience a lot of direct sunlight and hot weather. But there’s more.

Tile roofs—both clay and concrete—are champions at handling large amounts of rain in short periods. It just runs right off. When installed properly, they are highly durable, meaning you can expect minimal maintenance and repairs. And let’s not forget their resistance to wind, fire, and insects and energy efficiency, which you can attribute to the gap beneath the tiles that provides beneficial air movement.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss how your building can benefit from all that tile roofs offer!

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We’re an Authorized Crown Roofing Company with Ludowici

Ludowici’s program ensures that their products are installed professionally, accurately, and in accordance with the highest standards possible. Upon completion of rigorous training and evidence of good standing, GSM installers were given Crown Roofer status and take pride in performing the highest quality of work when installing the world’s finest terra cotta materials while setting a high customer service standard.

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The Right Tile Roof Construction Contractor Matters

Installing a tile roof isn’t just about placing the tiles. Because they are so heavy, with the potential to break under certain conditions, your roofing contractor must have the know-how to install the roof correctly. The structure under the roof and the roof’s framing must be capable of bearing all that weight—up to 12 pounds per tile.

Installing concrete or clay tile roofs is an art. The placement and proper securing of each tile will directly affect its longevity. And after the painstaking installation, your roofing contractor must be knowledgeable in caring for it. It’s best to perform inspections with drones. These tiles can withstand hurricane-speed winds, but walking on them the wrong way can result in cracks.

At GSM Roofing, we have the expertise and the desire to install specialty roofing systems like clay tile roofs, concrete tile roofs, and even slate tile roofs. Let’s talk about how we can make your brand-new building or historical structure stand out with unique, durable, high-quality tile roof construction.

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I did get a chance to inspect the roof of this church last week. There was no damage to the roof, it is actually in quite good condition since it was installed in the late 80's or early 90's. The leaks they are experiencing are at the flashing transitions to the stone masonry and one at a brick masonry chimney.

But I did want to tell you that I was very impressed with Austin, the young fellow that ran the lift for me. I am not sure I have ever had such a smooth and accurately-placed ride. It wasn't the highest roof I ever had to look at, and maybe the equipment rental was newer, but still, it was refreshing to see the competence of that young fellow.

Dave Stakem Adjuster June 28, 2022