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Expert Roof Curb Installation that Minimizes Your Downtime

Whether you have one electrical line or 100 rooftop units that need to be installed on your roof, we can handle your roof curb installation job. Our expert team can take care of cutting the roof deck, installing the wood blocking, and making sure the curb is level. We will flash it properly once the curb is set, so your roof warranty stays intact.

Let GSM Roofing complete your roof curb installation. Whether you’re a building owner, general contractor, or HVAC company, know that you’ll find our work clean, efficient, and worthy of your seal of approval.

Roof Curbs, Explained

When structures like HVAC units, vents, fans, skylights, and hatches need to be mounted on your commercial building’s roof, having a roof curb installed can help support those items. Some will sit on the roof’s surface while others penetrate the roof deck.

Prefabricated roof curbs provide a level attachment point to protect accessories and the roof. They support the weight of the mechanical equipment and allow for easier access to ductwork and other components.

After installing roof curbs, we apply flashing to prevent water from seeping in around them.

Have more roof curb installation questions?
Feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll work with your HVAC company for new construction or equipment replacement, submit a bid to a general contractor, or simply answer your questions regarding roof curbs.

How Roof Curbs Protect Your Roof Deck

Almost every commercial building is equipped with HVAC units, fans, vents, hatches, or skylights. Each of them adds weight to the roof deck and requires some level of roof penetration.

When prefabricated roof curbs are correctly installed, they will protect your roof investment—and, therefore, the entire building. They will also help to support the proper operation of those rooftop apparatuses.

Why Roof Curb Installation Matters for Roof Maintenance

Our service plan and preventive maintenance calls always include checking roof curb conditions and repairing or replacing them when necessary. We will ensure that your roof curb flashing is watertight.

Anything that penetrates your roofing materials presents the potential for water infiltration, and that’s why our maintenance checklist always includes roof curbs.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

At GSM Roofing, we know you have a lot of roofing contractors to choose from for your roofing work. We also know that having the right commercial roofing contractor will mean the difference between roof curb installation that protects your building and roof curbs that could cause problems.

Roof curbs installed incorrectly will result in leaks that can go undetected for long periods, causing damage, costly repairs, and voided warranties. So choose the roofing contractor who knows roof curb installation, the one who will work during off-hours to keep downtime to a minimum, and the one who knows how to keep your building dry.

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Glad to be wrapping up this project, but most of all ..enjoyed working with you and GSM, your company is spot on and customer service is off the charts!
Thank you!

Diana Hess Project Manager June 28, 2022