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Commercial Roof Inspections Put Worries Behind You

Wouldn’t it be great to see potential water infiltration and moisture issues under the surface of your roof? How about weak spots or pockets of wasted energy? Mold and other hazards? That’s what our infrared commercial roof inspections show, and you can use that information to extend the life of your roof.

Or, how about a bird’s eye view of your roof to see potential leaks, standing water, and more? Our certified Remote Pilots can do that. With drones, we conduct safe, non-invasive, precise commercial roof inspections to help us create economical repair plans.

Infrared Commercial Roof Inspection

Roofing maintenance starts with a visual inspection of your roof; however, you can’t always see everything with the naked eye. With infrared technology, our Certified Infrared Thermographer will perform a non-destructive roof inspection to see where and how moisture is leaking into your roof—or how energy is escaping from it.

With this technology, we can see weak areas in the roof structure or decking, where mold growth is likely, wet insulation, hidden leaks, and much more. Even if your roof looks great on the surface, an infrared inspection can show you problems that our team can remedy now instead of costing much more in the future.

Your roof inspection report will include evidence of our findings and a quote to repair any problem areas. This method is quick, precise, non-destructive—and will be a valuable addition to your roof’s preventive maintenance.

Drone Commercial Roof Inspection

When we believe it’s unsafe for our roofing professionals to get onto a roof for a visual inspection (due to its condition, weather, or other factors), our certified drone operator will conduct an aerial assessment, complete with photos.

The FAA requires that drones used for commercial purposes be registered and only flown by those who fully understand FAA guidelines. GSM Roofing retains several certified Remote Pilots who can provide a complete survey of your roof from the safety of solid ground.

Even the most difficult-to-access sections of your roof are no problem for an experienced drone operator. We can look closely for problem spots, provide photos, and submit a complete inspection report detailing necessary repairs. This quick, efficient, and safe process saves you time and money while providing valuable information we’ll use to make targeted repairs that can help you avoid a total roof replacement.

The Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Your roof is far above you—out of sight and mind. You might rarely think about it until you notice water running into your building.

Why wait until water makes its way in to destroy equipment, electronics, surfaces, and the health of your structure’s occupants? Instead, contract with us to conduct regular roof inspections so we can detect problems before they require expensive repairing or replacing.

When you hire GSM Roofing to conduct commercial roof inspections and preventive maintenance, you’ll be able to rest assured, knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep your roof in good condition and extend its life. That’s an investment that makes excellent financial sense!

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Thanks Lenny,

The roof repair looks fantastic. Your guys did an excellent job!

Ronald Ladieu June 28, 2022