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Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Winter is around the corner and with it comes some brutal conditions.  These extreme conditions can cause a lot of damage to many different areas of the roof, especially if the roof has not been properly maintained and prepped.  If you are a commercial property owner or facility manager, you are well aware of the importance of a sound roof.  Prevent expensive leaks and repairs by making sure your roof is “winter-ready”.

How to Winterize Your Commercial Roof

Schedule a Roof Inspection

This step in getting your roof winter ready is critical.  A seemingly minor issue can gradually become a major problem at the peak of winter.  Your commercial roofing contractor will inspect multiple parts of your roof and check for any damages.

Clean Drains, Gutters, and Downspouts

You need to make sure drains, gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and anything that could cause a blockage or clog. Blocked gutters will affect more than just your roof! If water runs down the edges of your building it will cause damage to your exterior walls and even your foundation.  Avoid this problem by having your gutters cleaned before the onset of winter.

Check for Proper Insulation

Damaged insulation can lead to inflated heating costs during winter.  If your contractor notices any leaks on your roof you should repair/replace them immediately.  It is cheaper to fix a poorly insulated roof than it is to pay inflated heating bills for an entire winter.

Evaluate Your Roof’s Surrounding

Are there tree branches hanging over your roof?  If yes, have them removed.  Heavy snow on the branches can cause them to break and fall on your roof.  This adds unnecessary weight and increases the possibility of puncturing your roof’s membrane.

Rooftop Snow Removal using a crane

Create a Snow Removal Plan

Be prepared for the snowfall that comes with the winter months.  Snow buildup on the roof can cause several issues with the roof and the rest of the building.  However, improper snow removal can damage your roof’s membrane.  It is important to have a plan in place for the removal of snow from your roof.  Learn more about GSM Roofing’s snow removal service.

Are You Ready to Winterize Your Roof?

Your roof will take a beating during the winter months.  Avoid preventable problems by coming up with an effective plan to get your roof ready for winter.  GSM Roofing can offer timely repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of your roof, which will minimize the possibility of having to deal with an emergency leak this winter.  Contact us today!

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So far, I am very pleased with the work you guys are providing and how the work is getting done. Please keep up the good work. Shane has been great to work with.

Ben Hegge Sr Site Project Engineer June 28, 2022