Why Professional Snow Removal is a Must!
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Nov 14, 2017

Why Professional Snow Removal is a Must!
With winter weather comes new issues to consider when protecting your roof from the elements. Frigid temperatures and snowstorms are More

Oct 15, 2017

3 Costly (and Preventable!) Roof Issues
We all know routine maintenance extends the life of your roof. But like going to the dentist, the gym, or More

Sep 28, 2017

Putting a High School Auditorium Back To Normal After Mother Nature’s Wrath
Heavy hail damaged the copper dome roof over a high school auditorium. The damage caused leaks throughout the auditorium. GSM More

Sep 15, 2017

2017 GSM Roofing Great Roof Giveaway Winners
Lancaster Early Education Center $20,000. It’s that time of year again when GSM Roofing, is giving back to the community More

Aug 16, 2017

A Midsummers Drone
To fly or not to fly, that is the question… for the FAA, not William Shakespeare. When Billy was writing More

Oct 27, 2016

Don’t Let Roof Maintenance Give You A Fright!
When the seasons change from summer to fall we often think of fall foliage and cooler temperatures; but are you More

Oct 10, 2016

White Roofs vs. Black Roofs: Top 3 Myths Revealed
White roofs are better than black roofs. We’ve heard this a lot lately. In fact, city councils throughout the country More

Sep 16, 2016

2016 GSM Roofing Great Roof Giveaway Winners
Tabor Community Services, Transitional Living Center is awarded $25,000. It’s that time of year again when GSM Roofing, is giving More

Jul 12, 2016

School’s Out for the Summer and Roof Services are in Full Swing!
Summer break is an ideal time for schools and universities to focus on roof services such as roof replacements, roof maintenance, More

Jun 17, 2016

A Life’s Work For GSM Roofing President Reed Gooding
GSM Roofing’s President, Reed Gooding, is challenging all working bodies in America to donate 1 hour of their paycheck to More