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Extend the Life of Your Roof with Our Roof Maintenance Plan

Whether it’s new construction or a roof replacement, your building’s roof will begin to age as soon as the roofer finishes the installation. However, you can extend its service life with our roof maintenance plan, which helps us detect minor and potential problems before they become big roof problems.

Get in touch with us today to learn how our service plan helps maintain roof warranties with roof inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs.

The Exceptional Roof Protection Plan from GSM Roofing

Protection. Peace of mind. Feeling assured, knowing that your roof is being taken care of—
you can get the most extended life and best performance from it.

Debris Removal from Commercial Gutters

These are just some things that come with the Exceptional Roof Protection Program from GSM Roofing. With this plan, you will enjoy:

  • Biannual Preventive Maintenance Inspections
  • Debris Removal from Drains, Gutters, and Scuppers
  • Completed Checklist and Custom Inspection Report
  • One-Hour Acknowledgement of Leak Calls
  • Leak Repairs Within Two Business Days
  • Customer Portal for Reporting, History, and Invoicing

As an Exceptional Roof Protection Plan customer, you will experience top-notch customer service, open communication with our roofing team, expert workmanship, and much more. And if you’ve purchased our commercial roof maintenance plan, but we don’t come out within two business days to repair the leak, there’s no charge to you. Contact us to enroll today!

How to Enroll in GSM Roofing’s Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Regular preventive maintenance is the way to go if you want to get the most from your commercial roof by extending its life and decreasing the chance of leaks.

You can sign up for our commercial roof maintenance program by calling 800-532-ROOF or submitting a request through our contact form.

What Else Does GSM Roofing Do?

Even if we didn’t install your current roof, you might wonder if you can sign up for our maintenance plan. The answer is, “Yes!”

You might also wonder what other services we offer. Here are a few of them:

No matter the type of commercial roof—single-ply, built-up, slate, tile, metal, cedar, etc.—we have the expertise and the suppliers to make it happen for your building. Get in touch today to discuss our roof maintenance plan or any other roofing concern.

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A big thanks to the GSM team, the guys were a big help at our test roof installation yesterday.

Michael Stieh Sr Staff Engineer June 28, 2022