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White Roof Coatings That Save You Some Green

Want to keep your commercial building cooler and save on energy costs? White roofing coatings sharply lower the temperature of a roof’s surface during the summer by reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them as a traditional black roof would.

When our team of roofing professionals applies white roof coating, your roof will be more weather resistant, and the high reflectivity will reduce the load on your HVAC units. The coating will expand and contract with temperature changes—and when you see how much green you’re saving, you will quickly start to view it as one of the best roofing decisions you’ve ever made.

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Extend the Life of Your Roof

When you have a roof coating applied to a commercial roof, you can expect it to extend the life of that roof by up to 20 years.

White roof coatings reduce cooling costs, but they also extend the life of your commercial roof. Here’s how:

Solar Reflectance Slows Down Roof Aging

The sun’s UV rays break down roofing materials, causing them to dry out, crack, and leak. But when a white coating reflects those rays, protecting the roof’s surface from brittleness.

Superior Flexibility Allows for Movement

Your entire building expands and contracts with seasonal and daily weather and temperature changes. An elastomeric reflective roof coating can stretch to nearly twice its size so it won’t crack or tear.

Sloping Can be Used to Avoid Ponding

The white roof coatings we use are highly resistant to degradation in areas where water ponds. Plus, we can build up low spots and coat them to that water runs away from areas that tend to hold water.

Exceptional Adhesion Reduces Prep Time

Some of the white roof coatings we use require no etching or priming before application. That saves you labor costs and means that their superior adhesion will contribute to a longer roof life.

Are you ready for GSM Roofing to apply a roof coating that cools your roof and building, reflects damaging UV rays, protects against ponding and sticks like nothing else? Get in touch with us to discuss the best roof coating for your commercial structure.

White Roof Coatings Keep Roofing Materials Out of Landfills

Just when you thought you’d heard all the good news about roof coatings, there’s more. When you have a commercial roof replaced, truckloads of old roofing materials get hauled to the landfill, where they’ll take centuries or more to degrade.

Not so when you have an elastomeric reflective roof coating applied. All roofing materials stay in place—the coating goes right on top of it. This application style saves you money on roof replacement, and it’s also friendlier to our planet.

Let’s talk today about all the advantages of high-performing white roof coatings that reflect UV rays, cool your roof, and reduce your business’s impact on the earth.

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