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From dirty, dangerous, and difficult jobs, to distinctive projects, to philanthropy and staff accomplishments—we've got a selection of remarkable company news to share with you.

John Yuko

T3P Concept

Tools, Protection, Procedures, and Positioning In any organization, an effective safety program is the combination of a comprehensive set of programs and expectations from regulation compliance, training, certifications, and PPE … to committees, policies, re-training, discipline, and recognition.  But there’s…
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Michael Beakes

GSM Roofing Exceptional Employee – Michael Beakes

Exceptional results require the expertise of exceptional people! Get to know Michael Beakes, Safety Manager, at GSM Roofing. How long have you been employed with GSM Roofing?9 Months. What is your job and what does it entail?Safety Manager, Ensuring the…
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Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roofing System

Roofing contractors in the NRCA and all roofing manufacturers agree that a good roof system requires proper design, quality materials, and quality application to perform successfully.  It is important to keep in mind that nothing is more critical to a…
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GSM Roofing Exceptional Employee – Jesus Aviles

Exceptional results require the expertise of exceptional people! Get to know Jesus Aviles, Service Foreman, at GSM Roofing. How long have you been employed with GSM Roofing? 6 Years and 9 Months. What is your job and what does it…
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Roofing Supply Chain Challenges in 2022

The current supply chain shortage, challenging the roofing industry, is the culmination of several factors, and unfortunately, not predicted to end in the near future. The Current State of the Supply Chain Continues to Cause Challenges. In addition to pervasive…
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Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Winter is around the corner and with it comes some brutal conditions.  These extreme conditions can cause a lot of damage to many different areas of the roof, especially if the roof has not been properly maintained and prepped.  If…
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GSM Roofing Welcomes Josh Buohl, Junior Estimator!

Josh Buohl Named Junior Estimator at GSM Roofing GSM Roofing today announced that Josh Buohl will be joining GSM Roofing as a Junior Estimator, effective September 27, 2021. An Ephrata native, Josh Buohl graduated in 2017 from Penn State Berks…
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Great Roof Giveaway winner Bethel AME Cultural Center

2021 Great Roof Giveaway

The winners of the 2021 GSM Great Roof Giveaway were announced on September 17, 2021 at the Gooding Group Customer Appreciation Golf Outing. The annual 18 hole golf outing was held at the beautiful Foxchase Golf Club in Stevens, PA.…
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4 Tips for a Successful Historical Restoration Project

Historic restoration is defined as the process of accurately depicting the form, features and character of a property as it appeared at a particular time. On a roofing project that means installing a type of material that was available and…
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Fred Kohler – Employee Spotlight

Name: Fred KohlerJob: Service ManagerYears of Service: 16Pizza Topping: Hawaiian My wife, Mary, asked, “What are you doing today?”Fred: “Nothing”Mary: “You did that yesterday.”Fred: “I’m not finished yet.” This is how Fred sums up the first few months of retirement.…
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So far, I am very pleased with the work you guys are providing and how the work is getting done. Please keep up the good work. Shane has been great to work with.

Ben Hegge Sr Site Project Engineer June 28, 2022