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GSM Memory Marchers Walk to End Alzheimer’s

GSM Roofing and GSM Industrial formed a team, GSM Memory Marchers, for the 2014 Walk to End Alzheimers. The following is pulled from the webpage for the GSM Memory Marchers and pretty well sums up the feelings of the team.  “The Gooding Group has been supporting the community and its employees for decades. Today, we are asking for your support to a cause that is extremely close to our hearts. The Gooding Group is sponsoring a team in The Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 6, 2014.  As many of you have noticed, John Gooding has taken a less active role in the company and industry that he loved and supported for over 40 years. He has refocused that love and support to his wife Mary who is suffering from the debilitating disease of memory loss. As a Group, we want to show John that we care and can make a difference in battling this disease.”

Since this disease has become personal for the Gooding companies, GSM Roofing and GSM Industrial, the group wanted to really hit the disease hard with donations toward it’s cure.  And hit it hard they did!  The GSM Memory Marchers came in first place in Lancaster County, in the state of Pennsylvania and placed 11th in the Nation with donations totalling $32,060!

This team will continue to support the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of Mary Gooding.  You can see in the pictures below that Mary and John walked and enjoyed the support of the large team.

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Thanks for putting us in contact with Eric. He is very knowledgeable , professional and I enjoyed our time together.

We met yesterday morning and he is forwarding a report and budget proposal. With your firms Roofing help and additional home inspections regarding Stucco Moisture tests we have uncovered a $40K + problem we would have inherited.

Now it's the sellers problem. Negotiations continue.

Have a good weekend.

Frank Polan Sr Operations Manager June 28, 2022