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Peeps, Our Favorite Easter Candy

Who doesn’t love the sugary goodness that comes with Easter? The chocolate bunnies, hard candies, and of course the well-loved Easter favorite, Peeps! Everyone knows that Peeps have been an Easter staple for decades, but there is so much more to know about these sugary confections.

Did you know?

In 1953, these cute marshmallows took 27 hours to create. Peeps were originally handmade using a pastry tube and a steady hand. Today, thanks to advances in technology, it only takes 6 mins to make a Peep with an average of 5.5 million Peeps made daily!

Although these Easter favorites have been around for a long time, the recipe has stayed pretty much the same. Bethlehem, PA, the birthplace of all Peeps, celebrates the sugar-coated treats by dropping a giant Peep on New Year’s Eve!

The first line of Peeps was yellow and since then other colors, flavors, and even candy-coated Peeps emerged! Find out which color Peep you are with a fun quiz!

Check out our Facebook for a festive poll and check out our YouTube to see the GSM team’s Peep eating contest video!

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I do not check the work. But I can say that the two men answered my question with courtesy. They assured me that the roof is in good order. And your company responded to the work order on short notice as coordination with plumber's installation was key. My association with your company has always been more than satisfactory.

Ann Liarakos June 28, 2022