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5 Things to Expect During a Roofing Project

When you begin a roofing project, there are bound to be questions about what to expect. In an effort to help the process go smoothly, we compiled a list of 5 things that you should expect when working with a quality roofing company.

1. Construction Grounds

The property will probably accumulate a dumpster, or two, depending on the amount of scrap and/or recyclable materials. In order to keep the indoors as clean as possible while keeping the dirty job outside, Port-O-Potties are generally on the job site as roofers try to refrain from entering the building. Ladders and scaffolding are also brought to the job site. While ladders may be present on the property during the day, the roofers should remove them when they leave. Much like the ladders, crew trucks or vans will come and go with the roofing team. Material delivery trucks and a crane are required to deliver the materials and can be spotted on the first day of the job.

If sidewalks are located on the construction site, then crews should have a directed walkway for pedestrians to maneuver safely around the area. A crew’s goal throughout the process should always be to maintain a safe job site for everyone and interfere as little as possible.

2. Clean Job Sites

A roofing project can be a dirty job. A quality roofing contractor will strive to keep the area as clean as possible for you. In an effort to keep the construction site neat and tidy throughout the length of the project, a few members of the crew typically clean up the area before the end of each workday. Once the project is complete, a team will completely clean up the site which includes a magnet sweep of the area, to ensure even the smallest metal debris isn’t left on your property.

The landscape is another area that is important to protect, so quality roofers should work with each client to protect these areas as well.

3. Loud Noises

During the project, loud noises from above should be expected. Teams work with roof cutters, generators, powered buggies, and other types of machinery that could cause some ruckus.  Don’t be alarmed if there is a loud thud from a roll of material being moved around or the high pitched screech of screws going into metal, it is all part of the construction process.

4. Odd Smells

Roofing materials usually have an offensive smell when first installed so every effort should be made to minimize this including charcoal filters and having units shut off.  However, even with these precautions, it can be a challenge to keep the odor outside.  On a hot, humid day, these vapors might stick around longer and appear more intense. The adhesives and other construction materials that give off a scent are not dangerous or toxic, although they might be unpleasant for your senses.

5. Crew Members

Roofing crew members should be held to high standards to ensure you are satisfied. They are guests on your property and as such, they should treat you with respect and be considerate of your time. Top priorities for any roofing project should always be safety, quality, and efficient production.

These are just a few of the things you can expect during roofing construction with a quality contractor.

At GSM roofing, we are always looking for ways to provide our clients with a seamless and exceptional roofing experience. Contact us today to start the conversation about your commercial roof or if you have any questions or concerns about the project.

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Thanks Lenny,

The roof repair looks fantastic. Your guys did an excellent job!

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