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Joel Mondesir – Employee Spotlight

Joel Mondesir standing in front of a GSM Roofing van

Name: Joel Mondesir
Job: Maryland Foreman
Years of Service: 4
Pizza Topping: Steak

Joel enjoys an environment that allows him to continue to learn and grow while highlighting his problem-solving skills. And with a different issue presenting itself almost every day, working as a Service Foreman is a perfect fit.

Joel fell into roofing several years ago after being laid off in the concrete industry. He likes to stay busy, so he took a roofing position while laid off and realized that this is an industry that he really enjoys. He joined the GSM team 4 years ago and began leading his own crew 2 years after that. Joel’s drive, focus, and positive attitude didn’t go unnoticed. When GSM decided to go paperless in our service department, Joel led the charge, testing the new app and providing valuable feedback to enhance the process.

Joel grew up in St Lucia with his 3 siblings. He grew up dreaming of becoming a police officer one day, watching Superman, and was very active in school playing soccer and basketball. Eight years ago he met the love of his life, his wife Holly. They currently have two adorable boys, ages 5 and a newborn.

What would Joel tell his younger self?

“Always pursue your dream, don’t get so caught up in everyday responsibilities that you stop dreaming.”

What would he tell a new roofer?

“Ask questions and soak up as much knowledge as you can, a lot of doors can open if you work hard and stay focused.”

Joel has a very understanding and caring heart.

“While I’m always looking in front of me, I realize that there’s so much life outside of me.”

He tries not to forget that the world is a big place and just because things may be going well for him, others are struggling. And for those that are struggling YOU just may be the person that can help them in some way, with just a simple act of kindness.

As you go through the holiday season and into 2020 we encourage you to remember Joel’s words…. A simple act of kindness may seem simple to you but could mean the world to someone else.

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Glad to be wrapping up this project, but most of all ..enjoyed working with you and GSM, your company is spot on and customer service is off the charts!
Thank you!

Diana Hess Project Manager June 28, 2022