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GSM Roofing 25 Year Club 2015

GSM Roofing is proud to announce that Tim Zimmerman has been inducted into our 25 Year Club. Tim is a foreman in our service department and was honored at our 31st annual dinner for all 25 Year Club members. Other honorees included Scott Wenger for 30 years of service, Ed Wissler for 35 years of service, George Gillis for 40 years of service, and both Don Busser and Harold Shaak for 45 years of service.

GSM Roofing 25 Year Club 2015

Along with Tim, GSM Industrial inducted Glenn Dickinson and Dwayne Shenk into the 25 Year Club. Other honorees from GSM Industrial included Brian Hess and Mike Lauver with 30 years of service, Jeff Ream and Mike Shaw with 35 years of service, and Brian Woodcraft with 40 years of service.

Congratulations to the new members of the 25 Year Club and thank you for your many years of service with GSM. We look forward to many more!
With this year’s inductees, the 25 Year Club currently has 83 members.

GSM Roofing Exceptional Employees, Exception Results
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Thanks for putting us in contact with Eric. He is very knowledgeable , professional and I enjoyed our time together.

We met yesterday morning and he is forwarding a report and budget proposal. With your firms Roofing help and additional home inspections regarding Stucco Moisture tests we have uncovered a $40K + problem we would have inherited.

Now it's the sellers problem. Negotiations continue.

Have a good weekend.

Frank Polan Sr Operations Manager June 28, 2022