Vegetative Roofs – Green Roofs
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Vegetative Roofs – Green Roofs

A Nod to Sustainability

Schools, businesses and people all over the world are committed to finding new ways to protect the environment. One way that GSM Roofing honors sustainability is by creating vegetative roofs.

Installing plants on a roof delivers many benefits. It provides more usable space, helps with storm water runoff, minimizes the urban heat island effect, and improves energy efficiency. Not to mention it also extends the life of your roofing system.

GSM’s Ephrata, PA headquarters features a 7,000 square foot green roof with a vegetative garden, outdoor seating, grilling area, and custom-made rain barrels. Our roof received the 2013 RoofPoint Excellence in Design Award for Excellence in Water Management.

Remember – there are lots of details that go into properly installing a vegetative roof, so be sure you choose a roofing partner that understands the finer points of green roof assembly.

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