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Four New Members Joined the Gooding Group 25 Year Club

GSM Roofing and GSM Industrial have inducted four new members into the Gooding Group25 Year Club. The annual dinner was held to honor them and the other employees who have also hit milestones beyond 25 Years.


Honored for 25 Years and pictured above from left to right:

  • Dane Hollinger – GSM Industrial
  • Bill Myers – GSM Roofing
  • Duane Eckert – GSM Roofing
  • Marlin Kover – GSM Roofing

Honored for 30 Years:

  • Bob Madeley – GSM Roofing
  • Mel Auker – GSM Roofing
  • Dana Lichty – GSM Industrial
  • Randy Kauffman – GSM Industrial

Honored for 35 Years:

  • Paul Bewley – GSM Roofing
  • De Keifer – GSM Roofing
  • Tom Busser – GSM Industrial

Honored for 40 Years:

  • Harry Rathvon – GSM Industrial

Honored for 55 Years:

  • Rich Heilinger – GSM Roofing
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Thank you and GSM Roofing your services! The area is enthused by GSM Roofing's professionalism and hard work!

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Eric Sanders Field Contract Administrator June 28, 2022