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2015 Great Roof Giveaway Winner –

The GSM Roofing Great Roof Giveaway judging panel struggles each year to choose just one top prize winner. However, certainly did their part to make that decision a little less difficult this year. Their silent film entry was the most creative video we received and it certainly got our attention.

The Ice House / Smoke House, on the Wheatland property, was built in the 1800’s; and with only a few repairs along the way, the slate roof was deteriorating. We found missing and deteriorated slate throughout the entire roof, along with the wood cupola that was in need of repairs.

President James Buchanan Lancaster PA Great Roof Giveaway
President James Buchanan Lancaster PA Great Roof Giveaway


Project Highlights:

  • Replaced 1” thick decking, the decking was a true 1” thick board .5/4” lumber was milled down to the proper size;
  • North Country Black slate hung with copper nails;
  • Traditional 30lb roofing felt was used as the underlayment;
  • Added new 16 oz. cold rolled copper edging and ridge;
  • Existing cupola replaced with copper cap.

The repairs brought new life to the Ice House / Smoke House appearance and we’re so happy that we could help President James Buchanan and Miss Hetty enjoy their ice cream without worry of slate falling from the roof.

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I do not check the work. But I can say that the two men answered my question with courtesy. They assured me that the roof is in good order. And your company responded to the work order on short notice as coordination with plumber's installation was key. My association with your company has always been more than satisfactory.

Ann Liarakos June 28, 2022