Preventive Maintenance
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Preventive Maintenance

Prep Now. Save Later. 

Roof repairs are no laughing matter. And depending on the severity of repairs, they can get in the way of your business operations and productivity. So how do you avoid potential headaches? By connecting with GSM Roofing for preventive roof maintenance work.

We will extend the life of your roof through preventive maintenance techniques.

We’ll also help keep your operating and capital expenses down and allow you to budget better for the future. We have knowledge of all roof types on the market, and can deliver a custom plan for you today.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Ensure all roof system assemblies are properly functioning with our customizable maintenance plan. Frequency and schedule of inspections will be determined by customer requests and roof condition. A trained Roof Technician will:

  • Inspect all roof levels
  • Remove roof debris
  • Inspect roof drains and drainage components
  • Inspect ancillary rooftop items
  • Report roof system manufacturer-related deficiencies to the manufacturer
  • Prepare a conditions report and cost proposals for recommended repairs

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