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Windsor Mount Joy Insurance

Re-roof, Installation of Siding, and Installation of Velux Modular Skylight Bays

Project Description

GSM Roofing recently completed a 3-part Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult Roofing Project for Windsor Mount Joy Insurance, located in Ephrata, Pa. After completing a full roof tear off, GSM re-roofed the building with tapered insulation and white EPDM. EPDM is an economical, fire-resistant single-ply roofing system option for commercial buildings with low-slope roofs. When you choose the white option, it can be environmentally friendly because of its ability to reflect UV rays and reduce energy costs. It’s also entirely recyclable.

In addition to the re-roof, GSM removed and replaced all of the existing roof top units and infilled the roof . We then installed the custom store front metal siding and trim.

Finally GSM Roofing installed two Velux Modular Skylight Bays. The 52′ x 5’6″ bays are made up on 23 units installed on a 15 degree angle. All of the skylights have power shades. Eight of the installed units are venting and able to open and close remotely. The venting skylight units are attached to a rain and airspeed sensor that will automatically close them when conditions change.

Project Challenges

The layout of the skylight curbs posed a challenge, but here at GSM we welcome a challenge! We designed 11 different sets of drawings and plans for the skylight layout on the 18,900 square foot roof before they were approved by the owner.


Overall this project was a great fit for GSM Roofing. Our team stepped up and worked with the building owner and general contractor to solve complicated problems and finished the project on time. GSM successfully brought the building owner’s vision to life.

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A big thanks to the GSM team, the guys were a big help at our test roof installation yesterday.

Michael Stieh Sr Staff Engineer June 28, 2022