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The Market at the Wilbur

Lititz, PA

Firestone Platinum EPDM, Zinc Panels, Knotwood Soffit, Custom Aluminum Wall Coverings

November 2019

The Market at the Wilbur brings wonderful vendors at the marketplace, restaurants, a hotel, and condos to downtown Lititz. But at GSM, we see more than those great offerings, we see the vision, hard work, and dedication of our team. We see #exceptionalpeopleexceptionalresults.

This project included some demolition, new construction, and the restoration of the historic Wilbur building. We were able to begin our work in January of 2019. We installed a 30-year Platinum Firestone EPDM roof system, adding decorative ballast and pavers in areas that would become a terrace for the condo owners. We fabricated and installed Rheinzink wall panels on the interior and exterior of the building, gutters and downspouts throughout the buildings, and copper beam covers for the terrace roof level. We also installed Knotwood soffit, a metal panel with a wood grain pattern, in several areas.

With such a large project and so many moving pieces, we did have to overcome a few challenges along the way. Once the sidewalk and parking garage were completed, with an active railroad on the other side of the building, we were no longer able to use our crane to lift materials to the roof. We overcame this challenge by locating a lightweight crawling lift that could safely be used on the parking garage deck and still reach the roof. We also manually lifted some materials to the roof, with our primary focus on complete personal safety measures for our technicians. Since the restaurant and hotel opened before the roof was complete we also faced the challenged of roofing fumes carrying through the building by way of the elevator shaft. However, through onsite communication and allocating additional technicians, we were able to complete work in these areas before the restaurant and hotel opened.

In the end, it may no longer be a chocolate factory, but watching this project come to fruition and being able to say that GSM is a part of it feels like we found one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets.

  • 30 – Year Firestone Platinum EPDM Roof
  • 6900 sf of  8 mm VM Zinc Flat Seam panels custom made in house
  • Hardie Board – A high-end composite panel and trim board system
  • 700 sf  – Pac-Clad Double Lock Standing Seam in .032 Alum
  • 2599 sf – Pac-Clad HWP Vertical wall panels in .032 Alum
  • 1800 sf – Alside  Triple 2” Vinyl soffit
  • Knotwood soffit in custom wood grain pattern
  • Citadel composite metal wall cladding
  • Custom .040 and .050 Alum wall coverings, soffits, and face board covers
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Copper beam covers on the Terrace roof level

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Thanks Delores. Also, it was a pleasure dealing with Jeff on this. He was great on the phone in explaining the issues and was very proactive.

Nate Sorenson Director of Commercial Property Management June 28, 2022