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Institute for Advanced Study

Project In Process

Princeton, New Jersey

  • The Architect is Steven Hull
  • The metal standing seam is Nordic custom pre-patina 20 oz. copper imported for Finland
  • All of the standing seam panels will be formed on-site by a GSM Crew
  • There are also three areas with Firestone .060 EPDM and Green Roofing, using LiveRoof’s tray system
  • Liveroof trays will be used at the job

This is an in-progress project.  More details to come.

Metal standing seam panel installation for Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ
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Thanks for putting us in contact with Eric. He is very knowledgeable , professional and I enjoyed our time together.

We met yesterday morning and he is forwarding a report and budget proposal. With your firms Roofing help and additional home inspections regarding Stucco Moisture tests we have uncovered a $40K + problem we would have inherited.

Now it's the sellers problem. Negotiations continue.

Have a good weekend.

Frank Polan Sr Operations Manager June 28, 2022