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Christiana Care Health System

Newark, DE


Spring 2019

After GSM installed a roof coating at Roxana Cannon Arsht Surgicenter in 2017, the Christiana Care Health System wanted to duplicate that success at its HealthCare Center in Newark, DE. GSM already had a relationship with this building, installing the current roof system in 1996. Fast forward 23 years and we delivered another successful project; including a custom color roof coating system and a 30-year warranty. All while not disrupting the sensitive work performed in the HealthCare Center offices.

Read more about the 2017 project at Roxana Cannon Arsht Surgicenter.

custom color roof coating system for Christiana Care Health System in Newark, DE
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WOW! Love that, I've never had a vendor be so proactive!!

Vanessa Simerson Landlord Property Maintenance Coordinator June 28, 2022