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Atonement Lutheran Church

Wyomissing, PA

Slate & Shingle Re-Roof, Hail Damage Restoration, and Preventive Maintenance

May 2014

When a huge, unexpected hail storm rolled through Wyomissing, PA in May of 2014, Atonement Lutheran Church found itself right in its path. The damage to the main church and several other buildings was significant; including: holes through existing slate, damaged skylights and roof top equipment, dented metal copings, damaged shingle roofs, and broken snow guards. GSM Roofing immediately felt the church’s concerns and made it a priority to work alongside the church board to facilitate roof repairs and ease their worries along the way.

After surveying the various roofs, our first order of business was to match the existing roofing materials to maintain a uniform appearance throughout the church campus. We quickly realized that the best match and quality of slate for a large part of this project was across our northern border at North Country Black Slate in Quebec Canada. Once the slate was secured for the main church, we wanted to find shingles of similar quality for the buildings with existing shingle roofs. Grand Manor shingles were chosen to match the appearance of the slate.

Working through the challenging 2014/2015 winter months we were able to complete the repairs in a timely manner while maintaining GSM Roofing’s commitment of excellence.

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“Everyone on the committee is very happy with the work GSM did. I wish you could have heard the praise they heaped on you all.”

Tom Gresh, Atonement Lutheran Church

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Project Highlights:

  • GSM worked directly with the property insurance company in order to minimize stress and out-of-pocket expenses for the church;
  • In-house fabrication of almond copings to match walls;
  • Repairs included 22,561 pieces of slate and 315 pounds of copper nails;
  • Replaced 120 squares of shingles;
  • Replaced two custom skylights;
  • Replaced copper valleys and flashings.

We look forward to an on-going relationship with Atonement Lutheran Church through semi-annual preventive maintenance inspections.

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Thanks Delores. Also, it was a pleasure dealing with Jeff on this. He was great on the phone in explaining the issues and was very proactive.

Nate Sorenson Director of Commercial Property Management June 28, 2022