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Commercial Roofing in Chester County, PA

At GSM Roofing, we’ve been providing commercial roofing services for Chester County, PA, businesses for almost 40 years. Offering tailored solutions for our clients, we expertly handle roof installations and replacements as well as repairs, inspections, and preventative maintenance.

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Commercial Roofing Services We Offer in Chester County

At GSM Roofing, we understand the significance of a well-maintained roofing system in safeguarding your investment and ensuring the safety and comfort of the building’s occupants. Trust us to provide the services you need to keep your commercial roof in optimal condition, ensuring longevity, performance, and peace of mind for years to come.

Preventive Roof Maintenance Service Plans

This proactive solution helps business owners prevent common roofing problems, such as leaks, water damage, and deterioration caused by weathering and wear. Our plan includes biannual inspections, debris removal, guaranteed leak response times, and more!

Curb Installs/Rooftop Penetrations

Roof curbs provide support for HVAC units, exhaust fans, and skylights. When installed by professionals, these frames can support this equipment while also protecting the roof membrane from damage. 

Leak Repairs

Identifying and repairing leaks promptly can prevent water damage, structural deterioration, and potential disruptions to business operations. Our professional roofers conduct thorough inspections to pinpoint the source of leaks.

Roof Snow Removal

Our team uses specialized equipment and techniques to safely remove snow and ice from rooftops, preventing leaks and collapses. Regular snow removal helps ensure continued performance of commercial roofing systems.


We can apply a white coating that will not only help keep your building cool; it will also extend the longevity of your roof. The coating’s flexibility allows for movement, preventing cracks and tears, while it reduces maintenance needs.


Using drones and infrared technology when applicable, GMS Roofing can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the roof’s condition, identifying any signs of damage, deterioration, or potential issues that may compromise its performance.

Our Chester County Projects

Pennsylvania State Health Lab in Exton, PA

Exton’s PA State Health Lab has been a valued customer for years, relying on our expert leak repair services to maintain the integrity of their EPDM rubber roofing system.

Phoenixville Hospital

Phoenixville Hospital

We’ve worked with Phoenixville Hospital on a number of projects, including repair work, preventative maintenance, curb installations, EPDM low slope construction, and roof coating.

Federal Mogul in Exton, PA

Our roofing team has completed a variety of maintenance projects for Federal Mogul, including:

  • Cut roofing and decking
  • Helped set roofing curbs and installed insulation around them
  • Applied target patches and two-inch seam plates
  • Moved water from curbs and installed corner patches and a termination bar
  • Field wrapped a conduit and added pitch pockets to two other conduits
  • Replaced a drain, along with membrane and flashing
  • Repaired roof holes that were causing leaks

Coatesville Bible Fellowship

Our projects with Coatesville Bible Fellowship include roof repair work, sheet metal repair, curb penetration installation, low slope construction, roof replacement, and shingles steep slope construction.

Serving Businesses Throughout the Delaware Valley

As a leading roofing contractor, we are proud to offer our services in Chester County. From bustling city centers to suburban neighborhoods, we provide top-quality solutions tailored to the unique needs of each city.

  • Exton
  • Downingtown
  • Malvern
  • Coatesville
  • West Chester
  • Kennett Square
  • Oxford

Get to Know the GSM Roofing Team

  • Will Gooding
    Vice President
  • Rachel Sollenberger
    Sales Coordinator
  • Dean Huey
  • Rob Nauroth
  • Tony Trout

What Our Customers Say

I don't know of ANY other contractor, in any other trade, that I have ever encountered that keeps me as informed as your company, specifically, Karla sending constant update emails to me. I also want to give credit to Will and Eric, as Karla may not even know the updates without them keeping her updated! Of course, all of the roofers that are on site making the repairs, which I don't know their names, but I appreciate their hard work!
Hill Management Services, Inc.
Dan Gochenauer is an asset for Neumann University. He has a wonderful knowledge of the roofs and roofing material across our campus and he works closely with the University Maintenance personnel. Dan has been beneficial finding and fixing long term leaks on the roofs at a recently acquired University property.
Neumann University
Thank you very much! Javier was a dream to work with yesterday! GSM continues to exceed our expectations. Keep up the great work.
St Thomas Episcopal Parish
Javi was cordial, polite and very helpful in explaining what he could see, how we should follow up and the work he was able to do. It was a great experience and I am appreciative for the service from GSM, thanks to all for all of the help and communication.
International Fresh Produce
I want to thank you for efforts in getting this hatch and ladder in so promptly. The install guys are always a pleasure to have onsite and work with. This is a great addition making access to the roof much easier and safer. Please extend my gratification to all persons involved with this project.
Adesis Inc
GSM is very quick and responsive. They always follow up after their work and it is greatly appreciated.
Anchor Health Properties
What a great job your employee did here at the school, very nice and professional.
Christina School District

Why Choose GSM Roofing for Your Commercial Roofing Project in Chester County?

  • Our experienced team members – many of whom have been doing commercial roofing for 25+ years – have a proven track record of getting commercial roof jobs done on time, within budget, and to a business’ highest standards.
  • We prioritize safety, have OSHA-compliant products, and provide updates on OSHA’s latest roofing regulations.
  • We provide specialty roofing services and our skilled craftspeople know how to work with materials common to historical buildings.
  • Our experience with slate roofing gave us the opportunity to be selected to help write the National Slate Association’s installation manual. We have installed many slate roofs on historic structures, landmarks, facilities, and more.

Our Affiliations

At GSM Roofing, we have affiliations with leading organizations in the roofing industry. These partnerships amplify our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of best practices and innovations.

Local Chester Organizations We Support

We are committed to giving back to the local community and supporting causes that are important to GSM Roofing and its employees. Our team strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.