Pumpkin Flavored Everything
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Pumpkin Flavored Everything

Oct 03, 2019

It’s pumpkin spice season, or fall for short. At GSM we support all of the pumpkin-flavored sugary treats, but often find ourselves wondering what pumpkin spice thing will they possibly think of next?

Image Text: brace yourselves pumpkin flavored everything is coming

Well, Hormel stepped up to the challenge and created pumpkin spice Spam – and we think they’re out of their gourds (see what we did there?).

However, in the interest of being fair, we wanted to purchase some and have a taste test with our employees. The day of the product’s launch we were at our computer and ready to order, but it SOLD OUT. Who knew that pumpkin spice Spam would be so popular?

IF you can get your hands on a can or two, here are some recipes to try – enjoy!