Roof Hatches
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Roof Hatches

Fool-Proof Fall Protection

Keeping your rooftop secure and your employees safe is always a smart move. With the help of rooftop safety products from SafePro or others, GSM Roofing can easily retrofit a fall protection system onto your existing roof hatch – without any penetration. You’ll get instant compliance without affecting your roof warranty.


Roof Hatch Safety Rail

Ensure your open roof hatch is OSHA-compliant by installing the SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rail™. The Roof Hatch Safety Rail is a four-sided rail system with ergonomic handgrip side rails, a self-closing gate with no pinch hinges, and ladder extension rails that will hold steady in the event of a slip during ladder use.

Hands-Free Roof Hatch Lift

Like a garage door opener does for a garage door, the SafePro HandsFree Power Hatch Lift™ automatically locks/unlocks, opens/closes and latches the hatch door when a user-programmed code is correctly entered into the keypad. A wireless remote is included to operate the system from inside the building. A magnetic card reader is available. Solar-powered is standard; 110v is optional.

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