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Roof Snow Removal

Having no roof snow removal plan is bad business. A roof collapse causes significant building damage, endangers people’s lives, risks damaging or destroying building contents, halts or diminishes productivity and usually leads to huge financial losses. Even winter’s routine freeze/thaw cycle can contribute to roof defects that can cause your roof to leak and damage your property.

Call GSM Roofing before the next big storm so you’ll be prepared with a roof snow removal plan – and team of experts at the ready.

Our Roof Snow Removal Evaluation includes:

  • Identify and mark locations of potential hazards (skylights, lightweight canopies, gas lines, solar array components, etc.)
  • Identify sensitive/high impact snow removal areas (drift areas, solar panels, etc.)
  • Identify and mark locations and types of drainage (drains, gutters, scuppers, storm drains in parking lot, etc.)
  • Based on roof and building layout, determine what OSHA compliant safety equipment will be needed (warning lines, hard rail, harnesses, etc.)
  • Determine best areas to offload snow from roof and mark areas of egress to make sure no exterior access doors are blocked during snow removal
  • Identify primary and secondary areas for roof access and equipment set-up
  • Determine roof type in order to have material on hand should repairs be necessary
  • Measure the height of parapet walls

OSHA-compliance is too risky to not call in professionals. Removing snow from a roof is very different from shoveling or plowing lots, walks and roads. Sending your maintenance crew out on your roof to shovel the snow is risking human safety and likely causing roof damage. Not to mention that OSHA inspectors don’t take ignorance of fall protection regulations as an excuse and the fines can be expensive. Don’t put your people or your property at risk. Let the trained and skilled experts at GSM Roofing remove the snow from your roof. We have the OSHA compliant fall protection equipment to properly and safely remove the snow. We understand your roofing system and know how to protect it during the removal process. We’ll make sure you get your roof cleared without voiding your warranty.

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